Yukie Monnai


1980  Born in Nagoya-city, Aichi, Japan

2005  Graduated Oil Painting Course, Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts 

          Studied at CEPE in Mexico city, Mexico, as an student of the government exchange scholarship    

          between Mexico and Japan

2008  Selected 'Gunma youth Biennale', Museum of Modern Art, Gunma 

          Selected 'P&E 2008' ART COURT Gallery, Osaka

          Prized  'ART CHALLENGE 2008', Aichi Art Center

2013  Stayed in Salvador da Bahia, Brasil

2014  Stayed at Artist in Residence 'Kulturforum Süd-Nord' in Cotonou, Republic of Benin


ーSolo Exhibition

2005  ‘Los Sabores’  La Taza de Los Sueños, Mexico city,  Mexico

          ‘Sombra Luminosa’ Laboratorio Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico city,  Mexico

2010  'Suki Suguite Obake'  Gallery rin', Tokoname city, Aichi

2012  'Toward the Essence'  Gallery ZERO of Meiji University, Kawasaki city, Kanagawa

2014  ‘L'INVITATION DU ROYAUME DE MARGOUILLAT’, Café des Arts Chez Carine,  Cotonou,      

           Republic Benin

          ‘LES VOIX DES OISEAUX ET DES VAGUES’ La Cabane du Pêcheur, Cotonou, Republic Benin

          'Over the Horizon',  Tanpopo-Kôbô, Tokoname city, Aichi

2016  'Wood Block Prints' Los Barbados, Sibuya, Tokyo


ーGroup Exhibition

2003   'Nana iro' Exhibition space of  Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, Naha city, Okinawa

2004   'Hachi no Su' Maejima Art Center, Naha city, Okinawa

2006   ‘Mandára’ La Taza de Los Sueños, Mexico city, Mexico

2007   ‘daily works 2007’  dot, Kita-Nagoya city, Aichi

2008   ‘dot in LA PANSEE’  LA PANSEE, Kita-Nagoya city, Aichi

           ‘Zoologischer Garten’ Aichi Art Culture Center, Nagoya city, Aichi

           ‘daily works 2008’  dot, Kita-Nagoya city, Aichi

2010   ‘Paintings’  GALLERY CAPTION, Gifu city, Gifu



2008-2010 illustrations for "TABIDATSU RIYÛ" (autor=/ Keisuke Dan) of ANA's in-flight magazine

2009-2010 illustrations for magazine"Fole"(autor=Yasushi Mutô)

2010  illustrations for "The Writing Machine ーWilliam S.Burroughs" (autor=Keisuke Dan)

          Cover design and illustrations for "A picture of Freedom;The Diary of Clotee, a Slave Girl"

          ( autor=Patricia Mckisaack , translator=Yoko Miyagui )


2011   Cover design and illustrations for " The Crying of lot 49"

           (autor=Thomas Pynchon, translator=Sato Yoshiaki)

2010-2013  illustrations for "ALCOHOL NO YUME" of ANA's in-flight magazine

2012   Cover design for "YUME NO SEN"(autor=Yûchi Seirai)

2013   Cover design and illustrations for "Tabi datsu Riyû" (autor=Keisuke Dan)

2015   Cover design and illustrations for "Chabatake no Jaya"(autor=Nawomi Nakagawa)

2016   illustrations for "World's literature sereis" of Kumon Syuppan